Monday, September 22, 2014

Party party party

The SFRC annual 2 stroke ride went down yesterday fallowed by a party at the shop, it got pretty wild. A few broken motorcycles and some cuts a bruises from the course.

Kari's Holiday

I built this bike for Kari a bit ago. She's been riding the heck out of the thing all around LA. She sent me this pic of here taking a break somewhere in the Hollywood hills.

Patrick's last race

Our friend patrick retired from racing with a bang this last weekend. He was unharmed but the bike is totaled

Wall flower

Pulled the bike off the wall after 2 1/2 years, dusted it off, put some fresh gas in it and it fired up second kick. Rode it around for a bit and put it back on the wall.

Dan's XS650 makeover

Sunday, September 14, 2014

XS650 bars for sale.

I'm starting a parts line and I've started with bars. Replica bars that are on the Schwinn style bikes I build
These 7/8 raw steel adjustable arch top bars are made to slip in to the XS650 triple tree. They are 23"wide but can be cut narrower and 6" tall . It comes with a set screw and instructions for the instal.
$120 shipped in the US. International orders $140  Email

Campout at the track and minibike racing

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